Startup Dashboard Co-op has changed the face of the historic east Atlanta neighborhood called Edgewood Avenue from just plain old back to gold.

Edgewood Ave had once been a thriving community until its residents abandoned the area. For decades following the end of segregation, the rows of neglected buildings stood empty until a contemporary art company decided in 2011 to rip down the boards that covered the vacant buildings’ dusty windows.

The idea was to “let the public see what the building[s] looked like in its best dress,” says Courtney Hammond, co-founder of Dashboard Co-op, a startup that seeks “raw space” for contemporary artists.

At the time, Dashboard had only existed for one year and Hammond and her co-founder, Beth Malone, had no idea what kind of impact their six-hour show would do for development in the neighborhood. “Our intent back then was to show high quality artwork and have interesting platforms to show it in,” Hammond tells Business Insider.

How well has it worked?

Today, Edgewood is one of the most popular and active nightlife corridors in the city.

READ MORE:  Business Insider, JUN. 28, 2013